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WGTC Women’s Basketball Team After Crash

It is almost a week since numerous members of the West Georgia Technical College Women’s Basketball team were injured in a bus crash in Virginia and staff and educators at WGTC are working with those players to make sure they do not fall behind in their studies while they recover from any injury they may have suffered.

WGTC Public Information Officer, Ben Chambers assured, “After returning home safely Saturday, players were referred to local doctors for follow-up care.”
College staff members are working directly with players on an individual basis to help them arrange for the care they need.

Academic instructors have been asked to work with the players who are unable to attend classes because of injury or treatment. Instructors are providing make-up work and out-of-class assignments where possible.

Also, students are being referred to academic and student support services for tutoring and other help.

13-people on that bus last Friday were injured when, while traveling northbound on I-81 in Virginia, the bus drifted into an adjacent lane, side-swiping a tractor-trailer before running off of the road and overturning.

The driver of the bus was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and possession of marijuana. Police said fatigue may have also been a factor.


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