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Ward 2 City Council Candidate Asked To Defend Her Place Of Residence In Hearing

A candidate in Carrollton City Council’s Ward 2 race this November is being asked to defend her residency in said-ward during a hearing to be held next Tuesday.

Ginna Blair told WLBB Radio this week that she was notified by the city that there were questions regarding her place of residence based on where she claims her homestead exemption. Blair said she claims the exemption at the address of her home-based business at 134 West Center Street, which is in ward 4. However, she said for the last seven years, she has lived with her partner on a property within ward 2.

Blair said when the ward 2 seat became vacant this year, she asked an elections’ official what would need to be done for her to qualify to run for replacing Rory Wojcik.

“She said all I would need to do is change my voter registration to the home that is listed in my partner’s name and so I filled out the paperwork a month or so later and I got my new voter registration card. I went in and qualified on August 23 at city hall to run for ward 2. Then was not notified until last Wednesday that there was any question about my candidacy.”

Blair’s hearing was initially scheduled for this Friday. However, she is currently out of state caring for an ailing family member. The city on Monday agreed to postpone her hearing until next Tuesday, the day after she is expected to return home.

Blair is one of three candidates seeking election for the ward 2 seat.


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