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Villa Rica Rolls Back The Millage Rate For 2019

On Tuesday, the Villa Rica City Council decided to roll back the millage rate to 5.478 mills effectively maintaining property taxes levied on property owners.

The roll back comes despite push back from several citizens requesting the millage rate of 6.056 remain— citing future projects that would require funding such as water, sewer and basic infrastructure.

According to Villa Rica CFO, Sarah Hefty, the roll back will reduce tax collections by nearly $200,000 versus maintaining the 6.056 rate. However, the city will still collect $130,000 more than in 2018.

Councilwoman Leslie McPherson said she voted to rollback the rate because residents were recently asked to pay more through recent water and sewer rate increases.

“I see the other side. I even see the need for the other side, to not do the roll back and leave it. The problem was that we have hammered people with significant rate increases on water and sewer year after year. We just couldn’t see doing that on top of those rate increases,” said McPherson.

Along with McPherson, Councilman’s Danny Carter and Matthew Momtahan voted to rollback the rate. Councilwoman Shirley Marchman opposed.


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