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Villa Rica Mayor Jeff Reese Will Not Seek Reelection

Villa Rica Mayor Jeff Reese on Saturday announced that he will not seek reelection in 2019.

The 59-year-old mayor told WLBB radio that after 40 years in public service, he is looking forward to new experiences:

“My wife recently retired as a teacher here in Carroll County, so we bought a camper and we started doing a lot of camping and really enjoyed it. It is a lot less stressful than day-to-day in general. We decided that now would be the time, with her retired and me able to not run again, that I could retire. So that was the decision.”

Reese said when he steps away from the mayor’s job at the end of this year, he is certain that things are heading in the right direction for the City of Gold.

“We have a city manager now that has been with us for the entire time that I have been the mayor, going on three years. The council has been very receptive to change. The voters have been receptive to rising water and sewer rates and we can see the fruit of our labor now,” said Reese. “We’ve turned the budget around and we said financial health by 2020 and we have actually reached that goal by 2019. So now we are able to concentrate on not just fixing leaking funds but fixing leaking water lines and sewer lines.”

Qualifying for the office of mayor and two seats on the Villa Rica City Council beginning today. The election for all three seats is in November.


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