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Villa Rica man accused of stealing urn containing ashes of friend’s 5 year old son

According to CPD:

On March 18, 2022, a report was filed accusing 41-year old Matthew Norum of stealing ashes/cremains of a five month old child. The ashes belonged to an individual described a “fiend of 2-yaers” and were in a box inside the victim’s apartment. The victim stated she and her children noticed the box was missing and Norum had been in the apartment the previous day. A juvenile remembered Norum going behind the apartment building to “relieve himself” and noticed he was also carrying something. Video surveillance from the apartment complex, Paradise Apartments, was viewed. The video showed Norum (identified by the victim and her juvenile child) carrying the box and placing it in the bushes. The next day (March 19, 2022), video surveillance shows him returning to the location and retrieving the box.

Norum has reportedly denied that what he allegedly took from the home, was ashes.

Norum was arrested over the weekend.

The location of the missing ashes has yet to be determined.


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