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Villa Rica Makes It Easier To Film In The City

As Georgia continues to be a prime destination for movie makers, Villa Rica is making it easier for them to use the city as a destination for films.


The city is revamping the application process for filming using city owned public places. The filming application ordinance that has been on the books since 2016 has required that all applications be approved by mayor and council. 


In wake of recent renovations to the Pine Mountain Gold Museum park, several production crews have asked to use the spot as a location for filming but the filming requests often have short turnarounds, sometimes applying just a few days before the planned shoot. This is a problem because council only meets twice a month. 


On Tuesday, council approved an ordinance that would allow City Manager Tom Barber to review and approve or deny any filming applications filed with the city.  According to city officials, this new process will likely result in more movie business coming to the City of Gold. This new process goes into effect on August 1. 


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