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Truck driver Charged For 2 Deaths

A Columbia, South Carolina truck-driver has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor homicide by vehicle in the second degree. He was released from the Carroll County jail, this week, after posting a $3,000 bond payment.

47-year-old Jessie Dewayne Baltimore turned himself into authorities this week, after warrants were issued in his name. He was arrested for his role in a 5-vehicle crash on Interstate-20 in Carroll County that occurred back in August of 2016.

On that date, just after 6:00 P.M, Georgia State Patrol investigators said a tractor-trailer moving eastbound on I-20, driven by Baltimore did not avoid collision, when four other tractor trailers ahead of him slowed or stopped due to other traffic ahead.

The front of Baltimore’s vehicle struck the rear of another. This resulting momentum forced a chain reaction causing the involvement of 5 trucks. The first two vehicles rolled up and over vehicle #3. The driver of that truck, identified as 53-year old Larry Adams of Benton, Louisiana, and the driver of vehicle #4, Peggy O’Neal of Bossier City, Louisiana, were taken to Tanner in Carrollton, where they were pronounced dead.

Two other drivers, including Baltimore received minor injuries, as did the passenger of the front vehicle.


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