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Tinker’s Box Opens Today

Today, the Burson Center in Carrollton is introducing a new innovation laboratory that provides shared space, equipment and tools for product prototyping and testing for regional inventors to collaborate and develop concepts and ideas. The space, called the Tinker’s Box, was constructed within the existing warehouse space of the Burson Center. This 2,500 square foot area provides  workstations, computer kiosks, lab tables, and related equipment and tools for inventors and technology developers to construct, experiment and test products focused on electronics, robotics, computers, software, digital art and material science.

Burson Center Executive Director Donna Armstrong- Lackey and Burson Center Manager, Lauren Hulverson will serve as the Tinker’s Box staff.

“Many of you have probably heard about the Tinker’s Box. That is Carroll County’s new maker space and you will be able to come to the Tinker’s Box and innovate and make new products that you could turn into a business,” Said Hulverson

Funding for the new makers space includes  a $250,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission and a matching $250,000 from the Development Authority of Carroll County.


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