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Three Arrested In Armed Robbery In Carrollton

Three Jacksonville State students are facing aggravated assault and attempted armed robbery charges after Carrollton Police said the teens planned to rob a man during an illegal gambling event in an Adamson Avenue Apartment in Carrollton this week.

Carrollton Police Investigator, Chad Taylor said the three males told the games’ organizer that they were bringing $2,000 to play “dice.” Instead they brought an AR-15 style rifle with the intent of robbing the 40-year old Carrollton man.

“The victim in this case, he sets up a game for them at an apartment on Adamson Avenue. The three individuals, Josh Ingram, AJ Bay and Doron Mitchell, come over and Ingram and Mitchell go into the game while AJ Bay stays outside. The goal was to lure the local man, who set the game up, outside because he had said that he had $10,000,” said Taylor. “As he goes outside to get some dice out of his car, he is confronted by Bay with a rifle. The victim grabbed the gun and a fight ensues and a shot is fired.”

 Taylor says the bullet did not strike anyone.

Hearing the commotion, friends of the victim came to his aid. While two of the suspects fled, the victim’s friends caught up with 19-year old Joshua Ingrim of Carrollton and punched, kicked, and hit him with pots and pans. The other two men were apprehended by authorities a short time later. Ingrim remained in an Atlanta hospital on Thursday, being treated for the beating he took..

Taylor says additional charges and arrests are possible in this case.


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