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Temple Man Causes Car Crash With Former Girlfriend

A 22-year old Temple man faces 2-counts of aggravated assault after police say he purposely rammed his vehicle into another car in which a former girlfriend was the passenger… not once, but three times, causing significant damage to both vehicles.

The victims tell police they had approached the intersection of Bohannon Road and Automation Drive in Carrollton in a Kia Soul when their vehicle was struck from behind.  The driver – believing it to be an ordinary traffic accident– pulled onto Automation Drive, when the vehicle behind them struck their car again.

The victims say they sped away but the Nissan Xterra behind them struck them again, causing the Kia to rotate counterclockwise. At this time, the two in the Kia say they recognized the driver of the Nissan as Pedro Saravia.

The victims then called 911 and drove to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

Police caught up with Saravia in his Nissan a short time later and made the arrest.


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