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Temple Investigators Recover Two Bodies; Murder-Suicide Suspected

Temple Police are trying to determine why a beloved local educator would have shot and killed his  mother, before turning the gun on himself.

According to the initial police report, Steve Cash had returned home from work Friday, then went to visit his mother, Clair.

Cash is an educator with the Haralson County Schools district.

Cash’s wife told police that he was gone when she came home Friday. She reported him missing that evening. She did say she believed Cash was suffering from depression related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investigators went to Cash’s mother’s home on Carrollton Street in Temple to attempt to locate him. They found Cash’s vehicle parked outside. His mother’s vehicle was gone.

Investigators located the mother’s vehicle at Asbury Cemetery in Temple.

There, they located both Cash and his mother inside a pavilion in which Cash’s grandfather is believed to have built. Cash’s father was also buried there. Both Cash and his mother were deceased when they were found by officers. Investigators believe Cash shot his mother in the lower chest before turning his weapon on himself.

Temple Police will share additional information as their investigation continues.


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