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Temple Could See Package Sales Inside City Limits

The City of Temple discussed the pros, cons, and the process required for individuals interested in opening stores in town that sell liquor by the bottle.

Two local businessmen have approached Temple city officials about opening a package store within city limits. Currently Temple does not allow the sale of spirits outside of restaurants, only beer and wine. On Monday, the city council was briefed on the process to allow private business to sell liquor within the city.

City Manager Bill Osborne said the individuals wishing to sell liquor would have to gather signatures from Temple voters.

“There has to be a minimum of 35% of the residents of Temple that were registered voters at the time of the last election. They would have to sign a petition calling for a referendum,” said Osborne.

The city would then be required to put the referendum on the next ballot after verifying the petition.

No word on the timeline of this potential project.


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