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Tallapoosa Hopes For ISO Rating Change

With Haralson County Fire Rescue serving the city of Tallapoosa since October of 2017, Tallapoosa and Haralson County officials believe city residents should benefit from the same ISO rating as the county.

But, homeowners in Tallapoosa, when looking for a discount on their homeowners’ insurance, are learning that this is not the case.

The county’s  ISO rating is 4 but Tallapoosa city limits rating remains at a 5.

Fire Chief, Bryan Walker, this week, said he had sent the required paper work to ISO prior to January 1st of this year, but he is now waiting for ISO to visit Haralson County to confirm the changes.

“Rural Haralson County, along with the city of Buchannan and Waco, went into effect on January 1st, due to the fact that we were graded back in April of 2017. We had not taken over Tallapoosa yet,” said Walker. “So once it was official that Haralson County Fire would take over Tallapoosa Fire that’s when I did all the due diligence to get all the paperwork to ISO to let them know that we had taken over Tallapoosa.”

Until Tallapoosa’s ISO rating is included with the others, Walker said he can help in this way, when homeowner’s are getting insurance:

“I can provide a letter to the insurance company and let them know that Haralson County Fire is an ISO 4 rating and as soon as ISO changes all of the paperwork on their end for the city of Tallapoosa, the insurance company will start seeing the ISO 4 rating for Tallapoosa.”

Walker says ISO has not yet provided a date that they would officially change the rating for Tallapoosa.


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