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SyncGlobal & Carroll EMC Begin Broadband Deployment

Carrollton, GA— Bremen-based SyncGlobal Telecom and local power cooperative, Carroll EMC, announced Monday that Phase I of their broadband construction project has begun and will deliver fiber-to-the-home services affecting three counties in the region.

The initial footprint for Phase I includes most of Heard County and parts of Haralson and Carroll counties. During June of 2020, SyncGlobal and Carroll EMC received confirmation from USDA that areas of Heard County and lower Carroll County qualified for grant funds through the ReConnect program of RUS (Rural Utility Services). Since then, the firms have been working with the federal agency to meet engineering and environmental qualifications while simultaneously identifying expansion areas around the grant area and in eastern Haralson County. Phase I of the broadband project will serve up to 10,000 homes and roughly 30,000 rural Georgians.

“Bringing true broadband services to this region where I grew up has been a dream of mine for more than 20 years,” said Kyle Williamson, CEO of SyncGlobal. “We’ve designed and installed networks for the largest providers all over the country but being able to partner with another local company that shares our values and serving those in need is a blessing only God could deliver.”

To support the rollout of the broadband project and keep the public informed, the companies have developed a CrowdFiber website. The public site will allow users to view the construction status, sign up for service, or see what areas of the fiber network have been connected. The site is expected to be available late March 2021. Future information may be found on the SyncGlobal or Carroll EMC websites or social media pages.

“We’re hoping people will take advantage of the CrowdFiber site,” said Jim Clotfelter, VP of Sales & Business Development for SyncGlobal. “Not only will it help set expectations for the construction period, but it allows us to see where the most need is when we begin Phase II. People can sign up and request service in areas before construction starts there.”

Initial field work for Phase I began in early February as SyncGlobal deployed teams of staking and mapping engineers into the region. The firm states that hiring contractors and full-time employees for the broadband project has been a priority. A timeframe of 24-36 months to build Phase I has been estimated, but it could take more or less time to complete depending on weather conditions or other hurdles that might be encountered along the way. Regardless of the completion date, customers will be connected along the way as sections are constructed.

According to SyncGlobal engineers, fiber-to-the-home broadband is the best method available for enhanced speeds and reliability of bandwidth. Independent fiber-optic lines to each home assure no crowding or slowing due to peak usage times. The telecom also stated there will be various packages available for customers ranging from 150Mbs to 1Gb and is future-proof with expansion options far exceeding 1Gb.

“This project not only brings true broadband to rural Georgians, but enhances our power grid,” said Tim Martin, CEO of Carroll EMC. “Next-generation technology for a smarter grid will benefit from fiber connectivity to the meter. This will help us provide a more reliable system and eventually help control peak demand.”

SyncGlobal Telecom is a full-service communications provider headquartered in Bremen, GA.  For the last 20-years, SyncGlobal has served commercial customers in western and northwestern Georgia over its always-expanding fiber network. Across this network, SyncGlobal provides next-generation IP voice, hosted voice, internet access, fiber transport, and managed IT services as a telephony and internet service provider.


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