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State Senator Regrets Voting For Hands Free Law

District State Senator, Bill heath said, on Wednesday’s WLBB Radio’s Community Voice program, that he regretted his vote in favor of Georgia’s hands-free driving legislation. The new law went into effect on the first of July.

“So what happened is, there were no opponents to that at the capitol. But there were a lot of moms and family members there that brought a very emotional story. It was hard to not feel some compassion for them. And I want to be very respectful, but like the smoking ban several years ago, this is people asking the legislature to do what they were not willing to do themselves. ” said Heath. “If apparent is not able to control a child’s cell phone use, I don’t know if the legislature can do it. Already the prosecutors are saying that they can’t prosecute this. Of course they weren’t there and didn’t point this out at the time. There are a lot of problems with this.”

Heath’s entire interview can be found on the link below.

07/18/18 Georgia State Senator Bill Heath (Republican – 31)


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