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State Senator Leads Commission On Medicinal THC Oil Access

More than 4,000 Georgia residents are listed on the state’s medical marijuana registry and are carriers of the state’s low THC oil registry card. This legally allows them to use THC to treat a number of conditions or diseases.

However, there are still no legal definitions on how to obtain the drug in the Peach State.

A new joint study commission on the access of THC is set to meet for the first time next month, and according to the committee’s co-chair, District 28 State Senator Matt Brass, the commission will be tasked with finding secure ways for the oil to be obtained here.

“Because of federal law, they can’t cross state lines with it. It is not allowed for it to be grown here or dispensed here; there is just no legal way for them to get it. So the sole purpose for this committee is to find a legal way to put this medicine in patient’s hands,” Brass told WLBB Radio. “What’s more important for the general to understand is really what this commission is not. We are not studying ways to legalize marijuana. We are not studying ways for people to grow pot in their back yard.”

The committee will meet five times before December, including one session at the University of West Georgia.

“In the very first meeting, we want to hear from parents. We want updates on how this medicine is helping their children. We want to hear from patients that are taking it. How is it helping them? How are you getting it? What is the process? We have heard stories but we want to hear it directly from them,” said Brass.

Brass said he expects the committee to have legislation to present in time for the 2019 legislative session.


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