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Southwire Hosts Hurricane Relief Drive for South Georgia

Southwire Project Gift hurricane relief drive ended on Thursday. The group collected three full trailers of donated items in just two days. Not only did the community bring items in droves but Project Gift saw a record for monetary donations. According to Project Gift Coordinator, Kristian Whittington, the group saw $10,000 in donations.

“People don’t have a lot of time in their day but they want to be able to help. So we have had a lot of people stop by and trust us with their money and said, will you please go and shop for what you know the need is,” said Whittington.

Southwire also partnered with area schools in “Snacks for Heroes.” Sharp Creek Elementary Principal, Dr. Kiley Thompson said her school had quite the haul:

“We brought 2,8056 individual snacks. Our kids were so excited and they brought in their favorites for their hurricane heroes.”

Project Gift will be taking the supplies raised to south Georgia. The exact area has not yet been determined.


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