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Southwire Confirms Attack By Allied Universal Maze Ransomware; Fights Back

Last Friday, Carrollton-based Southwire confirmed via their web-page that last month’s “cyber incident” that affected their business world-wide was indeed an attack via Allied Universal Maze Ransomware.

Southwire Vice-President Of Communications Jason Pollard told WLBB Radio that after the company refused to pay a ransom in exchange for business information taken by the hackers, the cyber criminals released some information on a public website.

Southwire declined to confirm the amount of the ransom demanded, but social media postings from Southwire employees have claimed the hacker demanded 850 bitcoin, or about $6 million.

Pollard says Southwire has responded by filing a lawsuit and securing an emergency injunction from the Irish High Court which requires the defendants to remove all data relating to Southwire and its customers from its public website. Furthermore, the court’s order compels the defendants to hand over all data taken from the company and prohibits them from publishing any further material. Independently, Southwire was able to verify that the website was taken down within 24 hours of the judge issuing the order.

Pollard says “the storm is not over,” and the company should know more about what information was stolen in the coming weeks.

Southwire is not the only victim to the Allied Universal Maze Ransomware to do with a similar issue. The hacker at one point had set up a public website listing 27 companies that had refused to pay its ransom demands.


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