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Southwire And Carroll County Holds 12 For Life Graduation

190 students from Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties celebrated the completion of their high school education through the support of the Carrollton area 12 For Life program, on Thursday.

12 For Life is a partnership between Southwire and Carroll County Schools to improve graduation rates by offering a hybrid of real world work experience with Southwire and class room time at their local high school and for over a decade it has changed students lives who may not have graduated.

Keynote speaker and 09 graduate of 12 for life, Ashley Jordan:

“To all the thoughtful individuals who put this program together to give people like myself a better future full of opportunities and a chance to make a difference an to all the graduates here today, thank you for keeping 12 For Life alive.”

All of the 12 For Life program students will either attend college, enlist  in the military or join the work force, many seeking employment with Southwire.

In total, 12 For Life will recognize 388 graduates for 2018, marking a total of nearly 2,500 students who have completed the program since its inception in 2007.


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