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Shots Fired During Street Fight; Victim Kicked In Head, Smashed With Bottle

A 23-year old Temple woman and a 23-year old Bowdon man have been charged with assault and battery this week after Carrollton Police say the male suspect kicked a 19-year old man in the head as he was laying on the ground, causing him to lose consciousness… then the female suspect followed by hitting the victim in the head with a bottle. The alleged actions happened near the Presbyterian Avenue parking lot in late December during an early morning altercation in which several other individuals were involved.

The incident was reportedly related to a disagreement between two parties that had started earlier inside an Adamson Square restaurant.

According to the police report, on Sunday 12/29/2019 at approximately 0152 hours, officers responded to the scene in reference to shots fired. Upon arrival, officers located a man laying on his back with several people around him.

As Officer Corey Sullivan began to render aid, he says an unknown person stated the unconscious victim was shot in the head. However, Sullivan learned the male did not have a gunshot wound to his head, but rather a laceration.

The victim regained consciousness and stated to officers that he was okay, according to the report.

Officers searched the area for shell casings and possible evidence. They located six 9mm shell casings and a small baggie of a white powdery substance, believed to be cocaine.

Officers obtained surveillance video which showed much of the incident.

Officers say at one point the video shows an unidentified male wearing a white jacket and blue jeans reach into the driver`s side area of a car and retrieve a pistol.

“He then walks into the large crowd of people, raises the pistol into the air, and discharges several rounds. He then puts the firearm into his waistband. The firearm then falls onto the ground,” according to Officer Sullivan. “People then begin running in all directions.”

The subject with the weapon has since been identified as 23-year old BreShawn Carter of Carrollton. He was arrested last Friday and charged with reckless conduct.

Later in the footage, officers recognized one of the males engaged in a physical fight. He is identified as 23-year old Christopher Michael Keith of Bowdon.

During the fight, an opposing male falls to the ground. Officers say at this point, video shows Keith delivering a kick to the fallen male’s face, causing him to become unconscious.

“While the victim is lying unconscious on the ground, another unidentified female approaches him and, with malice, forcefully raises a glass beer bottle above her head and hits the subject in the face,” Sullivan states. “At this point, people begin running towards the victim to attempt to render aid.”

Officers later identified the female assailant as 23-year old Asche McIntyre of Temple.

Keith was charged this week with aggravated battery for his alleged role in the incident. He was released from jail after meeting a $25,000 dollar bond, according to jail records.

McIntyre was also arrested this week and charged with aggravated assault. She met a bond set of $7,500 and has been released from jail.

Other arrests have been made relating to the incident. Individuals have been charged with reckless conduct. Additional arrests are possible.

Anyone with information to help in this investigation should contact the Carrollton Police Department.

The Carroll County Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) Unit is leading the investigation.


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