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Shooting In Rockmart Involves Local Agencies

Officials in Polk County said that four people are dead and at least one other is injured in shootings at two different locations about three blocks apart in Rockmart on Thursday evening.

Rockmart Police Chief Keith Sorrells said two men and two women were fatally shot and a fifth shooting victim was taken by air ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center.

“What we have are two different crime scenes probably three blocks apart with two fatalities at each. We got a call for the first shooting and as they were responding, got a call for the second shooting,” said Sorrels. “We have people from all surrounding agencies. We have crime scene from the GBI and when I say surrounding agencies I mean Haralson County, Floyd county, Cedartown and Polk County.”

Investigators said the shootings happened at a house on Williamson Street and a second at an apartment on Short Rome Street, which is part of the Northwest Georgia Housing Authority.

They believe the victims were targeted but could not say why by early Friday.

Early this morning, the GBI did identify a suspect in the shootings, they consider to be armed and dangerous. He is identified as 27-year old Daylon Delon Gamble. They believe Gamble stole a black Ford truck which has since been recovered. The truck was seen at both crime scenes. Gamble has a felony history in Bartow County.


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