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Senate Study Committee to Revise Education Funding Mechanisms Holds Meeting at Columbus State University

ATLANTA (October 24, 2022) | Last week, the Senate Study Committee to Revise Education Funding Mechanisms held a meeting at Columbus State University in Columbus, GA.

“Over the past several weeks, the information and knowledge we have gained through these meetings has been extremely beneficial. It is the mission of this committee to ensure that every public school student is educated in a facility that is well maintained and satisfies all the necessary instructional needs for all students across Georgia,” said Sen. Mike Dugan. “We are extremely grateful to those that have attended these meetings and provided public testimony. Thanks to each of you, we are one step closer to establishing quality funding mechanisms for Georgia’s students and educators.”

The committee continues to encourage all interested individuals to visit the committee’s website here to view video archives of previous meetings and provide any feedback for the committee to review, compile and consider before recommendations are made in preparation for the 2023 Legislative Session.

In addition, the public is also encouraged to submit written testimony to the committee using the following form:


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