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Second Qualifying For Haralson District Three Commissioners Seat

Qualifying for two special elections in Haralson County began on Wednesday and will remain open through noon on Friday.

WLBB radio learned of a second Haralson County resident who said he plans to qualify to run for the now vacant District Three seat on the Haralson County Board of Commissioners. Last week, Adam Budde told us of his intention to run for that seat and on Tuesday, 65-year old retiree James Shell said his name will be on that ballot as well.

“Most of my life was spent in the automotive industry. From 1990 to 2000, I was service manager for James O’Neal Chrysler. My wife passed away in 2002 and since then I have been with Miller Funeral Home and the Haralson County Coroner’s Office and I have been deputy coroner for 13 years. As of last July I am retired,” said Shell.

Shell said the being retired has given him time to devote to public service.

“I have a desire to serve the people of Haralson County. This is my home. I’ve been here since 1967. I have a grandson that graduates this year and another that graduates next year. That is a strong motivation, my grandsons live here,” remarked Shell.

“All 0residents that live here know that Haralson is a poor county compared to surrounding counties. I can’t wav e a magic wand and change that but we can start somewhere. Hopefully I can be part of helping the commissioners.”

Ronnie Ridley officially resigned from his District Three Commissioner seat on Tuesday, in order to qualify to run for the soon to be vacant chairman role. He said he will qualify for that race this week.


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