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School Board Will Have To Wait Until At Least 2023 For Proposed Raises

The Carroll County Schools District learned on Wednesday they will have to wait until at least January of 2023, before implementing pay raises for school board members.

For the first time in decades – according to one board of education member, the board could be getting a raise.

The schools district recently compared pay for Carroll County Board members with eleven other similarly sized districts in the state. They determined that the Carroll County BOE is “way underpaid” at approximately $2,400 annually.

The districts they compared include:

Effingham County- 13,000 students- $4,800 minimum/ a year

Whitfield County- 13,000 students- $1,200 minimum/ a year

Glynn County- 13,000 students- $14,100 minimum/ a year

Bartow County- 13,000 students- $1,200 minimum/ a year

Newton County- 20,000 students- $14,400 salaried

Coweta County- 22,000 students- Unpaid

The Carroll County District has approximately 15,500 students.

The board has discussed increasing board member pay to $1,000 per month; $1,200 per month for Chairman; and, $1,100 for Vice-Chairman, and the possibility of implementing new pay by June, 2022. However, Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan on Wednesday, confirmed that the raises would first have to be approved by state legislators.


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