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Police say Domestic Situation Led To Man Being Struck By Vehicle

A 37-year old Franklin man is sent to hospital after being struck by a vehicle near North Park Street and Spring Street in Carrollton this week. Witnesses tell police that they believe the driver of the vehicle hit the pedestrian intentionally.

According to the report filed Tuesday morning after 3:00-am by Officer Joshua Perry:
Perry arrived on the scene to find a white Cadillac CTS parked at the intersection of North Park and Spring, “with disabling damage.” He said a male was found lying on the ground nearby, with multiple visible compound fractures.

Witnesses described the incident to investigators. The victim told Perry, that he was struck by a vehicle driven by Mike Popp. Popp was later identified as a 23-year old male from Carrollton. Investigators believe the accident followed a related domestic situation involving an unidentified female.

The moments prior to the vehicle versus pedestrian collision: Investigators believe the victim had exited his Cadillac with tire iron in hand. Then, Popp drove his car in the direction of the victim, and struck he and his Cadillac. Popp then left the scene in his vehicle.

The victim was taken to Atlanta Medical Center for injuries to both femurs and his right ankle, according to Perry.

Popp was located soon after.

Popp was still in jail Thursday with no bond set. He is charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and reckless driving.


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