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Police Believe Drugs & Money In Home Are Behind Home Invasion Sunday Night. Resident Shot The Two Intruders.

Carrollton Police suspect two men accused of a home invasion on Peachtree Street Sunday evening, were looking to rob the home’s resident, when they were both shot multiple times. Police say they found a significant amount of marijuana and money in the home.

Carrollton Police Captain Shannon Cantrell says the two males who challenged the home’s resident remain in an Atlanta hospital after each being shot in the torso. One of the two men was also shot in the abdomen and the other also shot in the chin.

Police suggest that while the shooter was likely the victim of a robbery attempt, they believe his possessing drugs and a large sum of money– possibly related to drug activity–were what brought the two men to the home.

“Just after 8:00 Sunday night, the two men knocked at his door. The resident came to the door. They first asked him a question about whether he knew a certain female. He told them he didn’t know what they were talking about. They then asked him if they could purchase some marijuana. He told them: no,” Cantrell explained to WLBB Radio Monday. “According to our report, at that point the resident said one of the other men postured as if he was going to fight. The second guy sprayed pepper spray towards the resident’s face. At that point, the resident pulled his pistol from his pocket and fired off at least four shots toward the two men.”

Cantrell says the home’s resident has been charged with possession and intent to distribute marijuana.

He says investigators are trying to determine how the alleged offenders knew there were drugs and money inside the home. They have not yet been charged, as they are in hospital. No charges have been filed relating to the shooting at this point.


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