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Planned RV Development Denied

A local business owner’s plan to build a new campground and RV park for recreational, overnight and monthly camping in northern Carroll County has apparently been pulled off the table after numerous residents in subdivisions, near the planned project, expressed concerns to Carroll County’s planning commission.

Phillip Asztalos of Temple has owned and operated the Jellystone Park campground off Highway 78 in Haralson County for over a decade. He was looking to do something similar on approximately 11 acres off of Rockmart Road in Villa Rica. Aszaltos cited the need for an additional big rig RV site located near the interstate. He said travelers have few options on I-20 between Atlanta and Birmingham. He added that his project would also benefit local businesses with his guests being customers for them.

Residents of nearby Cedars Glen Community challenged Asztalos’ proposal. They expressed concerns over the potential additional traffic, traffic accidents and transient people. They also expressed concerns over how the park could negatively affect their own property values.

One resident told the planning commission that he worries that there would be guns shooting all night long, people getting drunk and people doing meth.

The commission unanimously recommended denial of the conditional use application.

The proposal was not brought before the Board of Commissioners for vote. One Carroll County official said he believes the proposal is dead.


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