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Pine Mountain Gold Museum Train Closure Extended

The City of Villa Rica on Wednesday announced that the Scenic Train at Pine Mountain will be shut down for the near future.  Yearly maintenance on engine 310, and passenger cars went perfectly and according to schedule. 

However, staff discovered several places around the mountain where the rail bed, cross ties, and rail itself need maintenance.  A potential for damage to the train engine, or derailment exists if the rail bed maintenance is not completed before resuming regular operations.  Out of an abundance of caution staff has directed that the train remain shut down until the rail bed maintenance is complete.

The staff is currently assessing the rail bed to determine the scale of, and the work required to return the train to service.  Consequently, Pine Mountain Gold Museum does not have an exact timeframe on repairs.  Staff will post any updates concerning the train to both the Museum Facebook page, and the main Villa Rica city website. 

“Staff understands and appreciates that the train is one of the most beloved features of Pine Mountain Gold Museum,” City Officials said in a press release. “We apologize for any inconvenience that school groups, and other visitors may encounter due to this unplanned closure.”


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