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Pay Scale Study For City Employees Expected Soon

Carrollton City Manager, Tim Grizzard expects the results of a pay scale comparison study that will show how pay for all Carrollton city employees including first responders, stacks up to similar jobs with other employers. The study was recently suggested as a way to help with employee retention.

“We are not only competing with other cities but we are competing with Southwire, Tanner and the University. When we talk about public safety, Cobb County has an older work force and many of their fireman are retiring and they are looking for, in excess of 100 firemen,” said Grizzard. “And they are paying very well. Paulding County are looking for firemen and policemen. The thing about firemen is that they work 24 hour shifts, so they don’t mind driving an hour to work.”

Grizzard said he hoped the study can shed light on how city compensation stacks up to other municipalities and other companies. He added that the pay scale for some of these positions “are moving targets.”

“We hope to get data and that data be useful and that data be useful over the next year. But frankly, we have lost a couple of guys to Paulding County because they have upped the ante, this week. I’m hoping that the data is as valuable as we intended it to be. If it is a moving target, we are going to look at it hard and just go from there,” pointed out Grizzard.

Grizzard’s 2018-2019 budget proposal includes an average 3% cost of living allowance for employees.


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