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One Dead In Traffic Collision At Carrollton Bypass Intersection

Carrollton police reopened the Carrollton Bypass at the Newnan Road intersection before 9:00 this morning. They closed the east bound lanes at around 6:00 am following an accident involving a vehicle and a bicyclist.

Captain Shannon Cantrell confirmed that the bicyclist passed away due to his injuries:

“The bicyclist was heading southbound on Newnan Rd from the Marathon gas station. It was a vehicle headed eastbound on Highway 166 approaching the intersection of Newnan Rd. We had a witness on the scene that said the bicyclist entered into the intersection and as it entered into the intersection it was struck by the vehicle headed eastbound. Witness said it appeared that the vehicle headed eastbound had a green light and the bicyclist did not have a green light. The bicyclist was deceased on arrival.”

Cantrell confirmed that investigators said the driver of the motor vehicle did not show any signs of impairment.

The deceased was identified as 36-year-old Teri Antron Thomas of Carroll County.


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