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Non-Profit Group Working To Preserve Georgia’s Agricultural Land Says Gun Producer’s Plan For Gun Range On Currently Zoned Ag Property Is A Win-Win For All Of West Georgia

The Executive Director of Georgia Agricultural Land Trust in Carrollton said Wednesday that her non-profit Ag preservation group is excited about Glock’s proposed purchase of 4,200 acres in Carroll County, in which the gun producers plan public safety training and gun range areas for military & law enforcement personnel in the center of a 4,200 agriculture-zoned property.

“This land has been for sale for some time and many developers have had their eye on it,” Executive Director of Georgia Agricultural Land Trust, Dee Perry told WLBB Radio. “The land is part of what remains of Georgia Kraft’s timber operations in Carroll County.”

The Austria-based gun producer is reportedly proposing to purchase the 4,000-plus acres of property located just north of Whitesburg and between Highway 5 & Jones Mill Road.

Glock reportedly intends to leave about 90% of this acreage “as it is”, serving as a buffer for the remaining 10% of the acreage, where they plan to have the training / gun range areas.

Perry believes the proximity to Atlanta makes these large parcels attractive to residential developers, landfill operators and warehouse developers.

“It is amazing to have a company who can afford this land and only develop 8% of it leaving the balance undeveloped and zoned agricultural,” she said. “It will provide a buffer from development coming through Douglas County down Highway 5.”

Perry believes the proposed re-zoning of (only) 378 acres (of the 4,200 acres) to industrial provides a tax benefit to Carroll County into the future and lessens the burden on residential tax payers.

“Additionally, the proposed use of the re-zoned acreage will be less of a drain on community services than other proposed uses like Wolf Creek of the early 2000’s,” she said. “The development is minimally invasive with very little impact to traffic patterns and water use.  It’s a win-win for Carroll County, the citizens and all of West Georgia.”


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