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Mount Zion Hoping For Co-Op Gas Station

One local city may be looking to its residents in order to partner in bringing a gas station within the city limits.

Mount Zion officials, for several months, have been discussing the potential of starting a co-op, which is basically a business controlled by its members. Typically customers have the option of investing in co-op projects.

The city would need to use tax payer money to bond or purchase a property for such a venture and they may have found a 14-acre property that will fit the bill.

The owner of the property is currently looking to re-zone the site to commercial land. A zoning meeting is scheduled for this month. If the zoning is changed, one city official tells us the city will likely make the purchase and move ahead with plans for a co-op gas station. City officials believe a benefit to operating a co-op is cheaper rates for gasoline.

Currently, there are zero operating gas stations within Mount Zion city limits.

We reached out to Mount Zion Mayor, Randy Sims multiple times for more info regarding the potential co-op. He did not return our calls.


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