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Mother of one of Villa Rica High School students alleging sexual assault against former administrator, files civil suit against alleged child predator and Carroll County Schools. However, initial filing contains significant error.

The mother of one of the children allegedly sexually abused by a counselor at Villa Rica High School has filed a civil suit against the Carroll County Schools district – and the former guidance counselor- Alonzo Wyatt.

Wyatt was arrested last month after Villa Rica Police investigators determined that he had engaged in a sexual relationship with a student of the high school on multiple occasions. At least two other alleged victims have since been confirmed. Investigators believe Wyatt made inappropriate comments, solicited sex, and groped students during counseling sessions.

Court documents show multiple allegations of inappropriate touching and inappropriate sexual contact with students – including oral sex and intercourse – occurring on and off the Villa Rica High School campus as far back as January of 2022.

One charge against Wyatt includes the accusation that “while in an on-campus storage closet, he tried to convince a student to remove her clothing as he was removing his.” “The student was able to run out of the storage closet; the act occurred during a school day.”

The civil suit summarizes that customary, reasonable school policies can and should prevent incidents that have been alleged – from happening.

The civil suit was filed earlier this month in the Carroll County Superior Court. And while the allegations may turn out to be true, the document contains one gigantic – and embarrassing error.

The plaintiff’s attorney has listed the Carroll County Schools District, Alonzo Wyatt and the Carroll County Board of Education as defendants. However, the defendants that are named individually in the document are actually board of education members for Carroll County, Maryland.

Wyatt is so far charged with six counts of sexual assault by an administrator.

On Tuesday, The Carroll County Jail website showed that bond was ‘denied’ to Wyatt… However, he has been released after a second bond appearance last Friday that apparently has not been update don the website. Officials say he did receive a ‘conditional bond’ – and he has an ankle monitor.

I’ve requested details and additional info relating to the conditional bond from the Carroll County Magistrate’s Office and will release those here as they become available.




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