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Mayors Meet With County About Possible T-SPLOST

Mayors from around Carroll County meeting with the County Chairman, Marty Smith, on Wednesday to discuss a county wide transportation SPLOST and the projects it could possibly fund.

The T-SPLOST that voters will decide on during the upcoming November election is projected to raise $16.5 million a year over a five year period.

Smith said that this T-SPLOST could free up general funds that would normally go to transportation projects and could instead fund public safety:

“It will take pressure off of our general budget to where we can help the sheriff. The sheriff said that he would stand with us publicly. This is going to help him. We have got to help sheriff and we are not going to let him stay in the critical situation of losing employees and not maintain the safety of Carroll County.”

Smith said this sales tax could ultimately help avoid millage rate increases, which Carroll County hasn’t seen for a decade.

The county will hold a public input meeting about the SPLOST on May 30th.


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