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Mayfest Coming To Carrollton Square

This Saturday, downtown Carrollton is hosting the largest Mayfest in its 32 year history. Mayfest will feature over 200 vendors, which is a new record for the event. Director of Carrollton Main Street, Aundi Leslie said it will be a mix of arts and crafts vendors as well as a great chance to learn about local non profits.

“It is also an opportunity for a lot of our local non-profits to get involved and set up a booth and tell the community who they are and what they do,” said Leslie.

Leslie says that Mayfest has also extended its popularity beyond just Carrollton.

“Not only is it a popular event within our community, but it has built a reputation in our surrounding region,” said Leslie. “Not only is it a great opportunity here within Carrollton, but it is a good promotional opportunity to drive people into Carrollton and we get to show off our awesome town.”

Leslie said food trucks will be on site along with live entertainment including the Carrollton Academy of Dance and the Teen Idol singing competition.


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