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March Weather: In like a Lamb, Out Like A Lion in West GA

West Georgia weather in March of 2022 came in like a lamb and out like a lion.

On Wednesday and Thursday– the last two days of March– our region saw high winds and some heavy downpours of rain. Fortunately we did not have any serious issues to report today.

We did see reports—and evidence of– winds blowing patio furniture and trash cans, periods of heavy rain left a few pools on the roadways for early morning drivers, and we did see a few downed tree branches in some areas.

The National Weather Service had issued a tornado watch during the overnight for our listening area. But, there were no twisters to report.

As the worst part of the storm was leaving at around 5:00 this morning, crews were working on restoring power for at least a couple of communities who lost it overnight. At that time there were approximately 340 homes in the Bowdon Junction area and 120 in the Sunset Hills community in Carrollton.

The weather in Carrollton on March 1, 2020? A high of 68-degrees, 76-percent humidity, maximum winds of 10 mph, and zero precipitation.


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