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Man Stabbed In Head After Suspect Believed He Was Smoking Inside Apartment

A 28-year old Douglasville man is recovering from multiple stab wounds after witnesses say he was attacked late Monday by a man who was angered because he believed the victim was smoking inside the residence.

Carrollton Police Officer Josh Perry reported that the victim and a female friend were visiting a residence at Griffin Homes on Newnan Road.

The victim told police that it was dark inside the home, so he was using his lighter to provide light. He said another male inside the residence—identified as 44-year old Jeffrey Chism of Carrollton—appeared to be angry because he thought the visitor was attempting to smoke in the home, although the victim was not.

The alleged incident did not occur in Chism’s home.

According to the report, Chism pulled a small knife out of his pocket and charged at the victim and chased him throughout the residence.

At different times, Chism stabbed the victim in the shoulder, the leg, and his head.

The stabbing victim eventually hit Chism on the head with a pan, before the suspect fled the apartment.

Witnesses claim the suspect was very intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Chism was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault. No bond had been set for his release as of Wednesday morning.


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