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Man Holds Alleged Burglars at Gunpoint Until Authorities Arrive

Two people charged with burglary remain in the Carroll County Jail Wednesday— 2 days after a man watching over a vacant home in Bowdon— allegedly found the two inside– where they were not invited—and he held them at gunpoint until officers arrived.

The complainant told officers that as he walked up onto the porch he saw a female approx. 5 feet inside the residence in front of the porch window and a male standing inside the house behind the front door.

He advised, for his safety and not knowing if the subjects were armed, he drew his firearm and told both of the subjects that they were not going anywhere until law enforcement`s arrival.

When deputies arrived 10 minutes later, the male suspect told investigators that he was looking for pine straw because he is a landscaper.

He then said that he came to the house because he wanted to know who owned it so he could see about buying it.

The property’s owner lives out of state—and has not yet been able to return to the property to determine if anything had been stolen from the home.

However, the alleged intruders— 43-year old Antoine Montgomery of Carrollton and 47-year old Alicia Wilson of Bowdon have been charged with first-degree burglary and criminal trespass.


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