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Man Arrested After Entering Home And Returning Multiple Times

A Carrollton family is likely a little shaken up but unharmed physically after they say an intruder entered their home and left, but returned to their property numerous times over a short period.

The male home-owner told police that while at work, his 18-year old daughter called to tell him that a male was inside their home but had left.

The daughter told police that while she and her younger brother were home alone, they heard the doorbell ring. When she approached the door, she witnessed a white male standing in the hallway. She asked the male what he was doing. He responded, “I have a wrench.”  She suggested to him that she was confused by his presence and his answer. He responded, “Me too.” He then left the house, entered his car and drove away.

The teen then called her father, who told her to get the family pistol and shoot the subject if he re-entered the home. The father then called 911 and left his office for his residence.

The intruder did return to the home. The teen told police, that when he came to the door, she pointed the pistol at him and stated, “I will shoot you if you come in here.”

She said the male then “threw his hands up” and ran back to his car and left yet again.

But he did return for a third time and was at the home when officers arrived. When he was approached by officers, the male “passed out on the lawn,” according to the police report.

The father was able to identify the male subject as someone he had once worked with. He also stated that the male had shown reason to believe he suffered from bi-polar issues in the past.

Investigators believe the front door to the home was left unlocked.

The subject told investigators that he did not know why he was at the residence. He has been charged with criminal trespass. Other charges are possible. He is undergoing a medical evaluation.


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