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District 6 Commissioner George Chambers

Bowdon and the surrounding area will have a new representative on the Carroll County Board Of Commissioners in 2023.

Long time district 6 commissioner George Chambers told WLBB Radio late Thursday that he will not seek re-election when qualifying begins in March …

“After much thought, prayer, and discussions with my family, I have made the decision not to seek re-election for the district 6 Commissioner seat this term,” Chambers said. “I am humbled by the love, support, and the many accomplishments we have been able to make together throughout my service to the board. I have been proud to raise my hand in support of public safety throughout the years, to ensure they have the budget, equipment, and personnel they needed to help keep them and our community safe. I am thankful for the time spent listening to each department’s needs on how to better serve my constituents, and in turn have listened to the needs of my constituents and have fought hard to do the best I could to provide for them.”

Meanwhile, the board of commissioners took a step towards building a new admin building for the county on Thursday —a project in which Chambers, has called a top priority for him.

“I am pleased to see the Administration Facility come to life as the Board of Commissioners take these steps forward in securing an architect and finalizing the location. This project has been a top priority for me, and I understand the need is great to get county services into one location to better serve the citizens,” he said. “I am honored to continue to be part of this process and there is much work left to be done between now and the end of my term to ensure the facility is on its way out of the ground.”

Chambers expressed appreciation for those who have been there for him during his close to a decade and a half time on the board; and left the door open to serve his community in some way in the future.

“The one thing I cherish the most is the unwavering support of my wife and children, without them, none of this would have been possible, and it is because of this, I have chosen to spend more time with them while also focusing on my farm. My children are so important to me, and as they are rounding the corner of becoming young adults, I want to enjoy each precious moment I have with them,” he said. “This is in no way a long good-bye, this is a see you later, as the future is always bright, and full of possibilities!”

Chambers is a seventh-generation independent cattleman who was first elected to office in a special election in 2008. He is currently the longest serving member on the Carroll County Board of Commissioners.