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Long Time Councilman says He Has Resigned

Carrollton’s Ward One City Councilman Gerald Byrd late Monday announcing via social media, his resignation from the post he has held consistently since 2001.

Byrd posted: “I started this journey after a visitation from the holy spirit and I end it trusting and believing I have a higher calling to reach a broader audience! I wish the best for the people of Carrollton and please continue to help those less fortunate!”

Byrd confirmed his resignation via text early this morning. He told WLBB Radio that he e-mailed his resignation letter to new mayor Betty Cason on Monday. Byrd was not in attendance for the city’s first council meeting of the year yesterday.

In his text to WLBB Radio, Byrd stated: “I have fought so many uphill battles without much support from previous administrations. This would have been my fifth or sixth council to work with and my heart just couldn’t take a chance on losing again.”

He suggested a number of other projects he now looks forward to participating, including: rescuing animals, traveling, mission work in places of real need and suffering; as well as continuing his work as an artist; and —laying on his sofa watching re-runs, if he chooses.

With his resignation, he said: “I feel as though a load has been lifted.”

Byrd’s current term as city councilman was set to expire on December 31, 2021.


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