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Local schools react to potential funding increase in state budget for schools’ transportation needs

Local school systems are looking forward to getting the final word from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp – that the state’s fiscal year 2025 budget contains a substantial funding boost for student transportation.

In the proposed budget that now waits for Kemp’s final approval, state house and senate members agreed on what is being considered a “major victory for schools and parents across the state who have long complained of an aging bus system.”

Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Mark Albertus this week responded to a media request from WLBB Radio:

“We appreciate the legislature seeing the need to update K-12 transportation funding. We are not unlike most Georgia communities that have seen growth in enrollment and increases in transportation costs. This boost in funding will help us adequately maintain and update our transportation needs for many years to come.”

Albertus says the district will not consider how to use any additional funding designated for transportation until after the governor signs off on the budget.

Haralson County Schools Superintendent Jerry Bell added: “Transportation is primarily the responsibility of the district, so any increase is welcomed. We will use the money to offset as much local expenditures as possible and any FY 25 state increases that are in the governor’s budget.”

In fiscal year 2025, which begins on July 1, the state plans to spend $354 million on pupil transportation, including $5 million for 4% pay increases. The 2025 budget also includes an additional $20 million to purchase 227 new school buses.


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