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Local Boxing Gym Helps Area Residents with Parkinson’s

One local boxing gym is trying to alleviate symptoms of area residents who are fighting Parkinson’s disease.  The neurodegenerative disease leads to motor symptoms such as tremors, slowness of movement and muscle stiffness. Cutman Boxing Club owner, Richard Haliburton was intrigued by research that showed the positive effects of non-contact boxing training with symptoms of Parkinson’s.

“I began to look at programs around the country, especially Paul Delgado in Atlanta. He has a class at his gym. And I said that we could probably duplicate this at our gym in Carrollton. We thought there has got to be some folks out there that can benefit from this sort of thing,” commented Haliburton.

Head Trainer, Kenneth Brookes received special training from Emory University that specialized in working with these degenerative diseases. He said the physical movement of the entire body combined with mental focus that boxing requires, makes it the best exercise for patients with muscular disorders.

“We challenge you to think. Not only are you going to punch combinations, but we are going to ask you to repeat that combination and then we are going to ask you to step back, it’s your feet also as well as your hands. We are going to have you moving, punching, thinking through the combinations,” said Brookes.

The class is offered every Monday at 11:30 am and is open to all with muscular disorders. Cutman Boxing is on Newnan street across from the Carroll County Courthouse.


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