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Local Authors Hopeful Book Will Be Turned Into Movie

A pair of local authors say they are hopeful that a book they co-wrote is on the verge of being made into a movie.

Elaine Bolden Bailey and Patricia Lamar Mullinax wrote Draketown Tragedy in 2015.

Their writing is based on the true story of a pastor’s wife who was the victim of a prohibition-era incident in Draketown in November of 1924.

Bailey says she and Mullinax have scheduled a key meeting with a potential director in January. She says both writers are very excited.

According to the website:

Alice Stewart, the pastor’s wife, is shot twice, once in the back, when she tries to stop twenty moonshiners from abducting and horsewhipping her husband, Rev. Robert Stewart, for tearing down their stills. She dies two days later. The news published around the country, shocks and dismays. The Governor offers a reward. The Ku Klux Klan erects a large monument (which remains today). Alice Stewart is the first woman martyr of prohibition.

Bailey has also authored “Explosion In Villa Rica,” based on accounts surrounding a gas explosion in Villa Rica on December 5, 1957 that resulted in the deaths of 12 people and injured four.

Both books are available at local book stores and through online retailers.

Bailey and Mullinax were recent guests on the WLBB Community Voice program.


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