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Local Attorney Thankful For Response To New Foundation

Carrollton based attorney, Jason Swindle said he started up the West Georgia Autism Foundation in the summer of 2017 when he could no longer accept that there were autistic children in west Georgia who could not afford the treatment that his own son, who is diagnosed with the disorder, has received.

“I saw so many children who were not getting treatment. They were living in the shadows and their families couldn’t afford it. And I got to where I couldn’t sleep at night and I knew that a foundation in this area could raise plenty of money to help all sorts of families,” Swindle told WLBB radio.

For the last year and a half, the WGAF has worked towards raising funds to significantly affect the community by promoting autism awareness;  educating the community about autism related issues; and  providing financial support to qualifying families who cannot afford to provide treatment, counseling, or other critical services for their children with autism. It is an effort that swindle said the community has shown overwhelming support.

“We are so grateful for the business community, the medical community, the law enforcement community and our local delegation to the general assembly. There has been support from everybody on this and I did not expect that. I haven’t seen an organization receive that kind of outpouring of support.”  

As the WGAF continues its fund raising and awareness efforts in 2019. The group hosts its first ever “Snow Ball” fundraiser in Carrollton on January, 12. To donate to the cause or attend the event, contact the group’s treasurer, Dr. Harry Nelson, at 678-357-0541.


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