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Little Free Library Will Serve a Purpose For the Grieving

Passers-by of Martin and Hightower Funeral Home in Carrollton might notice a brand new little free library.

But unlike other around town, this little free library has a specific focus. Martin and Hightower VP of Communications Cason Hightower says this structure houses books that specifically deal with grieving and the death of loved ones.

“We were trying to make those resources more visible to the public and something that they didn’t have to come in the funeral home and ask for. We just wanted to make them readily available,” said Hightower.

Some of the books included in the new little free library:

“One of those books is called Good Grief by Joe Primo. That is one that I have read several times. It just walks parents through how they can explain death to their children where it is not a scary thing but they do understand the finality.”

Hightower said two other little free grief libraries will pop up in locations at other Hightower Funeral Homes in Bremen and Douglasville in the coming weeks.


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