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Keeping Contraband Out of Prisons

According to one Carroll County prison official, keeping contraband out of the possession of prison inmates is an ongoing effort. Deputy Warden, Otis Wilson said officials must always be on alert for the potential of family members or friends of inmates attempting to get liquor, drugs and even weapons into the jail.

“We always are, as you know the walking trail goes around the back of the prison and that has caused issues. It is easier for people to attempt to drop contraband. But that is an ongoing problem anywhere that you have a prison. We put all kind of sensors to keep them from trying to smuggle it in during visitations,” said Wilson.

WLBB Radio spoke with Wilson following the arrest of a male who had allegedly attempted to throw drugs over the prison wall this week.

Wilson said that friends and family members of inmates have gone to great lengths to get contraband inside state correctional facilities. They have hidden items on the body and even flew a drone over prison property where it then dropped the illegal items where an inmate could find it.

Because of this, Wilson said the state attempts to house inmates at least two counties away from their home county.



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