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Inmate Who Seriously Injured Jail Officer Found Guilty By A Carroll County Jury And Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison

(Carroll County, GA) On January 12, 2020, a then 20-year-old female Jail Officer was seriously injured by then 34-year-old Patrick O’Neil Gentry, an inmate who was being housed at the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office after being charged by Villa Rica Police Department in August 2019 with Forgery, Criminal Damage to Property, Providing False Information to Law Enforcement, and Terroristic Threats and Acts. The incident occurred after Officers conducted cell searches and learned Gentry had an item in his possession he was not allowed to have. Gentry became angry as the Officer began to remove the item, he threatened her, and attacked her in a violent manner. Jail Officers were assisted by inmates in subduing Gentry and providing medical assistance to the injured Officer.

A Carroll County Jury heard testimony of the events during a three-day trial and ultimately found Gentry guilty of the following: Criminal Attempt to Commit Malice Murder. Aggravated Battery, and Obstruction of an Officer and was sentenced by Superior Court Judge Dusty Hightower to serve 55 years in prison without the possibility of early release.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is proud of the diligent work performed by lead investigator, Corporal JP Garmon and lead prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney, Lara Todd who sought justice for the injured officer and her family. Although this verdict does not heal the injured officer of the lasting emotional and physical effects she still suffers from today, we do hope she finds some peace in knowing that Gentry will more than likely spend the rest of his natural life behind bars.

Also thank you to the jurors who performed their civic duty this week and took time away from their families and jobs to further prove that Carroll County does not take injuring law enforcement officers lightly by delivering a guilty verdict.


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