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Haralson County Superintendent Concern Over New Bill

Local educators continue to raise questions and express concerns over a proposed legislation that would shift control over career oriented education from the State Agency for Public Schools to the agency that oversees technical colleges.

House Bill 778 received its second reading last week. This would change who controls content standards, testing, administration and money for career, technical and agricultural education.

Haralson County Schools Superintendent Jerry Bell this week said he believes the bill would result in loss of some local control for the district. Haralson County is hopeful to have a Career and College Academy up and running by 2020.

Bell commented, “My understanding is, our employees would actually become employees of the TCSG. Obviously the funding would come through them. That becomes a concern especially for managing discipline, attendance and extra-curricular activities.”

Bell said the Haralson County teacher base would be expected to help in those areas with the entire school, not just one particular part of it.

What authority would the district have over technical system educators?

“As School administrators, we lose that kind of funding and they become reluctant to disperse their school base funds to support activities that they have little or no input or control. When you start taking that out of our school and putting it totally into the hands of someone else who is working on our campus. As a whole group of people there are a lot of details that need to be worked out,” said Bell.   

Bell is reaching out to local house representatives and senators for a better explanation of this bill, but so far, he does not sound like a fan of it.


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