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Haralson County Man Arrested For Terroristic Threats

A 56-year-old Haralson County man has been released from jail after four days, following an arrest for making terroristic threats.

Herman Glenn Simmons of Tallapoosa is accused of making threats on a Facebook group page in reaction to a recent Haralson County Board of Commissioners meeting where residents expressed concerns over increasing property taxes. Some in the Haralson County government took the disturbing statements as personal threats towards them and deemed the posts serious enough to contact authorities.

Haralson County District 2 Commissioner, Jamie Bennett said she understands the frustration behind Simmons’ remarks but does not approve of the method he chose to vent

“I think that a lot of people right now across the county are frustrated because their assessment came back out and it is very confusing,” said Bennett. “This is not a true and accurate account right now of what they are going to pay for their taxes. We haven’t set the millage rate yet. I think he spoke out of frustration.”

Bennett, a therapist in a Haralson County mental health clinic, said the suspect’s postings suggested that he was a veteran and he claimed to have PTSD. She said if that is the case, he needs more than jail time:

“There are a lot of people who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and a lot of people have that but they are treated for it. They get medications and have therapy and they are able to live productive lives and live without a lot of frustrations and a lot of anger. I think that this really gives us a chance to bring some awareness to mental health in our community. What are we doing for people? Are we observant? Are we listening to what our friends and family are saying to us? Are we taking comments seriously? I took it seriously and I took it as a chance to be able to let the community that this is real. I would hope that we take this serious and be more conscious of what people say to us and offer help to them.”

Bennett said she and the staff at Haralson Behavioral Health in Bremen are available Monday through Friday to help the best they can with Haralson County residents who have concerns about themselves or their loved ones.

The phone number there is 770-537-2367.


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